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About Us

About Us

Locks Lash is a division of Eye Am Beautiful Pty Ltd.

Founded in 2007, Locks Lash were one of the pioneers in Australia with lash extensions. Initially we started off selling only a small selected group of products suitable for eyelash extensions and with a small training school based in Melbourne. As the story goes our passion grew & so did Locks Lash into a respected culture of its own.

In 2013 Derik Hayes and Jessica Brown took over as co-owners of Locks Lash and moved it into a new international phase.

We now have training set up throughout all of Australia and some parts of New Zealand, offering training in lash extensions and lash lifting. Locks Lash have also (through a lot of hard work!) become the largest supplier of eyelash extension products in Australia!

Locks Lash products are of the highest quality and are all independently tested before we put them on the market. We strive to support & deliver excellent results for our highly regarded Locks Lash Technicians.

We love to detail our product & feed our clients with educational info on Locks Lash products and the lash industry