Locks Lash Lift

Become a certified Lash Lift Technician

Become A Certified Lash Lift Technician

Developed from our popular Lash Lift Class, the Lash Lift Online Training has been adapted for online learning, giving Lash Technicians the ability to learn how to perform a lash lift from the comfort of their home!

Become a certified and competent Lash lift technician with our online instructional course. Complete with an extensive training manual, instructional videos, checklists and a kit with everything you need to perform lash lifts and lash tints, as well as our 24/7 lifetime online support team of trainers to help with anything you need along the way.


“I have recently completed my online Lash Lift training with lockslash and their trainer Cindy

Not only was this course convenient in that I could do it at home but also at my own pace with no deadlines. I was guided the whole way through the course by Cindy who was only ever an email away and was super fast at responding and more than happy to answer my questions and gave positive with constructive feedback to improve my lift and tint abilities.

The course itself was very straight forward and easy to understand. Cindy had really simplified where even if you had never had experience it would be easy to comprehend.

I can not recommend this course enough. It’s an added extra service I can now apply to my small business!

It was a small outlay which will give me a huge return as lifts can be just as effective as extensions if applied correctly. So big ups to lockslash for making this course online and supplying us with a trainer like Cindy xoxo.”

“Thanks so much Locks Lash!! You guys are absolutely fabulous!! Encouraging & extremely helpful. And I’m so proud of myself, which is something I haven’t felt for a long time. The courses I’ve done with you guys have really given me a real sense of purpose and the confidence lift I’ve really needed. I’ve never come across more supportive people as all of you lovely ladies and fellas at Locks Lash.
Love you all.” 💋💋💋💋